November 13th @11 AM EST

what is ProBuildz?

Is The ONLY External eBay Store builder SaaS Platform on the PLANET That allows you to make these Stores in Seconds:

ProBuildz Is the only external eBay store builder Saas platform out there... Nothing out there exists that allows you to create such easy stores and in this way

ProBuildz allows you or your customers to create stunning online web & device compatible stores in under 30 seconds.

We're ahead of the game, literally your customers & subscribers are being given an opportunity to do something NOBODY else is doing online and for BIG WINS!


25.000.000 eBay sellers: Massive potential customers and growing from eBay are one target market with our inclusive agency license, but it doesn't just stop there...

You can get paid by creating affiliate stores and use our social media sharing and blogging technology to help them generate traffic to make sales and get paid on a variety of the 1.7 BILLION listings out there.

Another awesome way it can be used and the reason it exists, is personal use - When you don't just make commissions on selling your own products you can save 100% on the fee's too

I made this because i needed it for my business.. And I know others who want a professional looking website for their selling business too.